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Consistent with my philosophy I often collaborate with a variety of industry professionals such as lawyers, bankers, investors and real estate brokers to accomplish the goals of my clients.

Here's what some industry professionals I've collaborated with have to say:

Julie Taylor Quote

During the span of my career I have had the pleasure of working with Steven Schulman on various retail real estate projects. Steven is a best-in-class asset manager who upholds with true sincerity the obligations of trust and fiduciary responsibility. Steven sets the bar very high, conceiving of a strategy to optimize returns and then procuring a proven team of service providers he will then direct to execute his strategy. Enjoying challenges and detailed work, Steven is a highly creative deal maker who likes complex transactions, whether a ground up development project, a seismic retrofit of a 100 year old building, or the sorting out of a ‘drifting’ real estate portfolio to improve financial performance for his client. Steven works to exacting standards, he gives his all to his clients and demands the same of those he hires to help him on an assignment. I highly endorse Steven Schulman and truly look forward to the next time we are able to collaborate.


Executive Vice President

Retail Services group

Collier's International      


Thomas Fisher

I worked directly with Steven on a private banking team serving high-net worth clients in the Pebble Beach market. Steven is an excellent real estate asset manager who always has his client’s best interests in mind. Steven also has a very good understanding on the interplay between real estate and the liquid assets in a client’s
portfolio. He has worked his entire career as a fiduciary and understands the intricacies of the fiduciary standard in real estate asset management.


Senior Investment Strategist

Wells Fargo Private Bank

Michael Fiorina

Steven and I have shared a cordial and mutually beneficial professional relationship for 20 years.

Our association began during Steven’s tenure with Wells Fargo Bank’s Wealth Management Group in Los Angeles.

Among Steven’s many skills are:

  • His ability to gauge/comprehend his clients’ goals and strategies and then implement them. In this respect, Steven is adept at collaborating with clients’ outside professionals.

  • Given the depth of his income property experience, Steven excels in coordinating with, and understanding property operational methodologies and issues.

  • Though able to comprehend micro operation issues, Steven is skilled in applying that micro knowledge to the overall portfolio goals of his clients’ varied product types, providing his clients with competent advice for decision making.

Despite his institutional CV, Steven relates well to the non-institutional investor, the small family office and families with inherited real estate wealth. Steven is a well-known and trusted fiduciary with his clients’ best interests at the forefront of his advice and counsel.

Steven is a trusted and ‘trustable’ professional who takes his duties seriously.

It is easy to recite Steven’s strengths and the reasons you will be rewarded for your selection of him as your advisor. However, mere professional qualifications do not emanate from a person who does not hold the same personal beliefs.


To that end, Steven is:

  • Calm and adaptive under pressure

  • Highly sensitive to the relevance of his reactions to the situation at hand

  • Quickly able to analyze and resolve fluid situations as they are presented (maintaining that calmness throughout)

  • Intrinsically capable of focusing on details of the moment and their relevance to the end goals

  • Always professional in demeanor and presentation

  • Not distracted by institutional hierarchies

Although I can continue this list, I view one trait above all others: You will find Steven of the utmost integrity.


CEO/Court Reciever & Referee

TCRE Corp - A Real Estate Company

Pam J. Royer

I have had the honor of working with Steven over the past 12 years. Steven is the consummate professional and affords each and every client the care, consideration and concern that they deserve.

Steven brings the unique perspective of his 25 years of real estate experience to the table to develop customized solutions for clients and serves as a caring steward for complex transactions.


Trust and Estate Specialist

Steven Siner

I had the good fortune to work with Steven on a variety of matters over an extended period of time.  His professionalism, competence and client-oriented approach to complex issues made my job not only easier but enjoyable.  I recommend him without reservation.



Hoge Fenton Law Firm

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