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As a specialist in the management of both Fiduciary and Non-Fiduciary owned commercial real estate, I have provided guidance and direction to clients with respect to the management of their real estate holdings. My principal guide has been to ensure against risk while strategically providing for financial performance, growth, and preservation of these holdings over time.

In the 25 years that I have been extensively involved with commercial real estate, I have overseen and managed a diverse portfolio of properties, including commercial, industrial and residential and have facilitated all matter of real estate transactions. This has been done with an objective, solution-oriented focus, providing clients with the benefit of my experience and that of the industry professionals I have included in my deliberations and recommendations.

In addition to my professional background, I hold both a Bachelor of Arts Degree in American History and a Master of Arts Degree in Classical Literature.

"Steven is an excellent real estate asset manager who always has his client’s best interests in mind."   


Senior Investment Strategist

Wells Fargo Private Bank

Real Estate Advisory - Schulman Advisory, Carmel, CA


It is my mission to provide guidance and direction to property owners in the oversight of their real estate to help them minimize risk and strategically position their holding(s) to provide for growth and the preservation of the real estate over time.

Clients who own or would like to own investment quality real estate, who have limited time or management capabilities, will engage me to oversee and assist them in facilitating the execution of their investment strategy, a strategy that I often help develop. 


My philosophy revolves around a simple goal, to assist individuals and families generate market performance from their real estate holdings, and to put in place a management roadmap that will serve as the basis for preserving their value over time.

To accomplish this, I bring the appropriate industry expertise and resources to our clients, while working with their own professional advisors to establish or refine business goals and enhance profitability. With this strong expertise, I advise clients as to the overall management of their real estate holdings.


"Steven is a best-in-class asset manager who upholds with true sincerity the obligations of trust and fiduciary responsibility. [He] is a highly creative deal maker who likes complex transactions, whether a ground up development project, a seismic retrofit of a 100 year old building, or the sorting out of a ‘drifting’ real estate portfolio to improve financial performance for his client."


Executive Vice President

Retail Services group

Collier's International  



With a robust and diverse background in commercial and investment quality real estate, working with all types of property from industrial and office to retail and residential multi-family, I have the expertise to maintain the portfolio’s performance and provide guidance for the portfolio’s preservation over time.

I advise clients, be they individuals, families or business entities who typically have limited time, experience, or the lack of inclination, to oversee and manage these holdings. These clients, who might be the first or second generation managing a family portfolio, engage me to help them develop a management plan or an investment strategy and assist in its execution.

What is of primary importance is getting to know clients and their goals with respect to their property(s). These goals could be limited to just maintaining the property but ensuring the income is protected, or enhancing the quality and/or growth of their real estate holdings.


With this understanding, the client and I strategically put a plan in place to accomplish their goals. This is achieved by working with a variety of industry professionals, and through this, I am able to provide specific focused guidance and/or the ongoing facilitation of the management of one’s portfolio.

"Among Steven’s many skills are: His ability to gauge/comprehend his clients’ goals and strategies and then implement them. In this respect, Steven is adept at collaborating with clients’ outside professionals.​ Though able to comprehend micro operation issues, Steven is skilled in applying that micro knowledge to the overall portfolio goals..."


CEO/Court Reciever & Referee

TCRE Corp - A Real Estate Company

Real Estate advisory - Carmel, CA
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