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Providing guidance towards the growth and preservation of your portfolio over time.

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Real Estate Management Advisory is a company designed to work with individuals, families and business entities, assisting and guiding them in the management of their real estate holdings.

I have been overseeing and managing real estate properties for clients for over 25 years. With this experience, I bring a solid understanding of how best to maintain and enhance asset performance for my clients while preserving the quality of these properties for 2nd and 3rd generations.

My overriding goal has always been to provide guidance and/or develop solutions with, and for individuals and families to best manage their real estate. My success has always come from the collaboration with other industry professionals bringing the best advisors to the table.

Having worked on a variety of projects successfully for individuals, families and entities, I understand that each has a different set of circumstances to be addressed and goals to be achieved. Getting to know each circumstance is what dictates a particular activity.  My experience and skill set includes:


  • Acquisition and disposition of assets for portfolio performance, including multi-property exchange transactions,

  • Facilitating rehabilitation projects of architecturally and historically significant properties,

  • Oversight of environmental remediation efforts, 

  • Overseeing multiple portfolios and managing multiple property managers at any given time.

Steve Schulman, Real Estate Advisory, Carmel, CA

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"Steven brings the unique perspective of his 25 years of real estate experience to the table to develop customized solutions for clients and serves as a caring steward for complex transactions."   


Trust and Estate Specialist

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